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The people with autisms always engage themselves in repetitive actions and activities. This is also evident in their speeches because the words cannot come out fluently and continuously. The children with the medical conditions are consistently involved in twirling and rocking. They may also be involved in self-abusive behaviors like head-banging and biting. Therefore, the cognitive impairments in these children form a complete barrier that inhibits the interaction process between them and other children. Consequently, the children do not have an appropriate way through they can express their feeling and desires.

The ultimate effect of the condition is affecting the social life of an individual. Mental development is very essential towards the development of social skills. The lack of proper expression and interaction is also very detrimental to the quality of life that a person leads. On the other hand, paly is a very essential aspect in the development of a person. Poor development can inhibit a person from developing the essential creative and imaginative skills. This changes the way a person handles issues and the manner in which they make decisions. The eventual effect of the condition is a reduced esteem in an individual and very low self-confidence.

There are various causes that tare attributed to autism. Environmental effects and genetics can play a very big role in propagating the emergence of autism. There are some genes that are associated with the medical condition. These genes cause problems in the development of the brain. These genes also lead to the abnormal transmission of very high levels of neurotransmitters and serotonin in the brain. This affects major functionalities of the brain. The disruption of the brain developmental very early in the fetal stages is also possible cause of the problems. Parental influences and practices can also lead to the development of autisms in a child.

According to Pavlov his ideas of conditioning works with the learning and processing of information for autistic children and adolescents for when they are given a particular stimulus they will respond in some way. In the classroom these children following some of Pavlov’s theory is that of private speech which refers to how these children communicate. It is all in how these children perceive what is going on around them. It depends on how they learn about self-regulation and learning how to think and use their various experiences to show what they feel and learn.

Genetics play a very role in the transmission of autism. Children whose parent have the medical conditions are likely to develop condition. Therefore, in a family where autisms exists, the lineage of that family may be affected from one generation to another. This is because the element that cause autism can be carried in the genes and then passed from the parents to the offspring and the trend continues. Parents with autism are also likely to give birth to children with numerous social and communicative challenges.

There is no specific medication procedure for autism. However, the doctors recommend alternative therapies and treatment of the symptoms. The patients are given some medications that can assist them reduce the action of the symptoms. Some of the symptoms that can be managed include depression and anxiety. Therapies can also be administered in order to manage the obsessive compulsive disorder. Deficit disorder medication can also be administered in order to assist in managing hyperactivity and impulsiveness in the patients. Antipsychotic medications can also be used in the management of the behavioral challenges.

Education to the patients and the families is very essential in the management of the medical condition. Skills can be given to the parent on how to engage the children mentally so as to develop language and social skills. Education can also be advanced on the strategies that can be used in managing particular challenges that are associated with the medical condition. The parents can also be educated on the controversial therapies and medications in order to alleviate the symptoms in the patients.

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