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Useful advice on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay on The Great Gatsby

All of us are infatuated at one time or other by debutant celebrities; writers; even new social activists on the block. This is the premise of the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story is clinically woven through essential and tertiary characters.

Birth of an enigma

Every society gives birth to an enigma. Jay Gatsby was such an enigma. He started on a wrong note (bootlegging alcohol) and made billions. In the process of life, he met a debutante Daisy ad then lost her. He made an incredible plan of throwing garish parties, squandering his billions, in a bid to again meet Daisy. He was sure she had made it big ad was destined to attend one of his lavish servings.

When writing a rhetorical analysis essay on the Great Gatsby, you should keep the gist of the story in mind and proceed with a clear vision that may differ from one person to another. Some may say that the story is a triumph of love while the other may emphasize on the lack of wisdom.

Falsification of dreams

You may also lay stress on the accomplishment of dream. We all have this fascination of boarding a plane but when we actually do that, that feeling becomes diluted. This somewhat happens with Jay when he actually meets Daisy, now Buchanan; a wife of his friend Tom.

You may invoke the fluid writing style of Scott and how he weaves the essential plot through various subplots. How he manages to keep Jay Gatsby a mystery till the denouement. How Jay Gatsby is confined to a relic; an ordinary and a dead person when the bubble bursts.

The forward tone

You may speak about the forward tone of this book and personal diction. The grammar keeps changing shape as the story spans different continent. The interest quotient, is however, always on a high; a testament to the writing skill of Scott.

You may ultimately make your own decision whether this book is relevant and an eye-opener for the frivolous billionaires of today’s times; in fact who is infatuated. Thus, this book covers a great majority and has a lot to indicate.

The common human element

You may also speak, in your essay, about the settings and the changing perspective of people as Gatsby grows. It is interesting how he labors to make money and then doesn’t think twice frittering it. This is also a common human element.

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