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Creating A Quality Media Evaluation Essay: 4 Must-Know Tips

In order to create a quality media evaluation essay, one must possess the ability to validate about the quality of business, service, program etc. While you are expected to evaluate, there will always be some amount of opinion might have formed during writing. If the write up is quiet natural, the readers will be able to get the impression at once after reading, remember the opinion should never be written forcefully just to fit the space. Evaluation should always be unbiased and probably with an intensive research work will help.

Key to evaluate -

There are three keys that help to make your evaluation easier; you need to focus on the following.

  • Criteria
  • Judgments
  • Evidence

Understanding the Criteria

Criteria are nothing but plural form of the word criterion, which means building the ideal for the topic . It may contain about any product/service/any place etc. To make it more clearer, criteria is something that comes out naturally and it is different from an opinion. For instance, if the paper is based on a restaurant and I am expected to evaluate it, I will choose to write about the quality of food served, service provided, affordability and cleanliness and hygiene issues etc.) These are the basic things that will let the reader understand about any specific restaurant and about their service but without any biased or personal opinion.

Why judgment is important for media evaluation essay?

Followed by that, you should worry about the judgment and how you should establish it. But without presenting a proper criterion, the judgment can’t be made. In other words, judgment shows about the quality of the food served in a restaurant and one is expected to give a judgment, thereby providing meaningful statements. This is quiet similar to criteria but in the judgment allows providing whether any specific restaurant is able to meet the requirements of a customer or exceeds the quality stated.

As the word evidence comes in, you are capable of understanding the meaning. Evidence is used to support your judgment. For instance, getting back to the earlier example about the restaurant, if the judgment for a restaurant is positive then you must add evidence to support the judgment.


One can’t master the art of writing this instantly; it will require understanding and some research work. One must be able to learn how to write in a balanced way and at the same time evaluating every criterion makes your write up interesting.

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