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How to Use a Proper Format for Your Critical Analysis Essay

You will need to consider many things when writing a critical analysis essay. This type of paper must meet some very specific format requirements, regardless of whether you need to write in in APA or MLA style. In essence, the style will only influence the quotations you include in the paper and the reference list. General formatting requirements for critical analysis papers go as follows:

  • Title:

    The title of your essay must indicate what the whole paper is about. Bear in mind that the essay must examine a single narrow topic, so generalized titles, like “Slavery in America”, are unacceptable.

  • Introduction:

    In this part of the paper you need to introduce the thesis statement. This sentence must express the core idea of the paper, so you need to consider it carefully.

  • Be sure to reread the thesis after you finish writing the paper itself. Sometimes, your story may stray from the originally defined path, so you might need to rework the thesis statement in order for it to fit the actual essay. The introduction should also explain the value of the paper to get people interested in reading further. You may include some historical fact or a piece of statistics to draw the audience’s attention.

  • Body:

    The number of paragraphs in the body section of a critical analysis essay is determined by the number of points you need to make. Every paragraph should focus on a single argument or idea and include the evidence that supports it.

    Bear in mind that at least one of the paragraphs should focus on the arguments of your opponents. You need to disprove them (offering evidence to the contrary) before the opposition can use these tools against you. Rely on logic and avoid emotional outbursts. Critical analysis essay should be unbiased and based on reasonable conclusions and facts, not on unverified information and personal feelings.

  • Conclusion:

    In this section, you need to summarize the essay, restate your thesis (be sure to change the exact wording to avoid repeating yourself) and explain why exactly your conclusions matter and how this paper can affect the field of study as a whole.

  • References:

    Arrange the reference list according to your formatting style requirements (usually APA or MLA). Be sure to credit all the sources you’ve used, even if you didn’t quote them directly. Being thorough when compiling the list of references will save you from any accusations in plagiarism.

It is usually easier to write a critical analysis essay from the first person point of view as much of it is based on personal opinions.

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