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How To Create An Impressive Argumentative Literary Essay

An argument is something that you say when you are opposing someone’s idea or opinion. There are three basic scenarios where it can be delivered orally: it could be in an ordinary conversation, in a small group discussion and a formal debate. On the other hand, a lot of people appreciate arguments when they are written. The purpose of the author could be to inform, to compare or contrast or to scrutinize different forms of anomalies. The question is: how can you create an effective argumentative literary essay? The following tips are very helpful and are easy to follow:

  • Identify who will be your target readers. Is it high school or college students? Or shall we say young professionals? Will you also consider seasoned lawyers or politicians? When you thoroughly identify your readers, then you will be able to choose the right topic for your essay.
  • Stick to the standards and procedures of writing. You should also remember that there are different forms of essay and most of the time, they are formal in nature.
  • Begin with a striking statement. Make your readers realize the importance and significance of what you say.
  • Get the reader’s attention by directly throwing an intriguing question. A question that he or she can relate to in order for him or her to have an indirect participation.
  • Inject a logical humor in your introduction. This will motivate the reader to finish what was started.
  • Thoroughly define your topic. As a writer, you should shed light on the topic by underscoring the meaning of difficult terms in your essay.
  • Tell and discuss your stand and the points of view on the issue you presented. Tell your readers which side are you on and elaborate your explanations.
  • Revisit the issue presented. Mention it for the second or third time for your readers to consistently follow your discussion.
  • Offer another angle of inquiry. e.g. Are you certain that prompt payment of taxes will assure the citizens of a country the best social and medical services?
  • Discuss the split ( is it beneficial, necessary or practical?) Careful analysis of the answer may be aided by real life situations and events which will eventually bring them to the different angles not only of your argument but to their respective arguments as well.
  • Make your readers a part of your work. Bring and allow your readers to argue, react, respond or comment by themselves. Meaning, an effective essay not only reflects the writer’s idea or opinion but also allowing the readers to be a part of it.
  • Make your work very comprehensive by relating the pros and cons of the issue with another related issue. Provide or paint your readers another picture of what you are telling them to believe.
  • Discuss and rebut every statement. Satisfy your readers who are craving for more answers or clarifications on the issue.
  • Rest your case with your firm stand or by an open-ended question. Prior to ending your essay, mention what you believe is true and allow your readers to reflect on their respective side.
  • Show your readers the two sides of the coin. You will now conclude your essay by making a summary of all the comparisons and contrasts you have made in your article.

We are not born good writers or best debaters, but we should not be afraid to tell what is true. People around us may act differently, but we don’t live our life to meet the expectations of other people. What we say and how we say it reflects our personality. We need not pretend for people to appreciate us. We stay as who we are because it will make us happy and contented for life.

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