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How Do I Write A Good Essay About My Favourite Hobby?

One of the most popular assignments students get in middle school and high school composition courses is writing about their favourite hobbies. This kind of assignment is very similar to others in that it requires planning and commitment in composing descriptive sentence written in excellent English. There are a few things, however, that set this assignment apart. Here’s all you need to know about writing a good essay on your favourite hobby:

Understand the essay requirements and limitations

Before starting on your assignment it would be a good idea to read through the prompt and highlight specific requirements and limitations. Are there certain things you need to focus on or answer? Do you have a maximum word count? Simply going over these details before starting can save you a lot of time.

Brainstorm some original and interesting ideas

Take a few minutes developing some original interesting ideas by simply brainstorming. Write down whatever pops into your head and put down a few key terms or descriptions that think would be well worth discussing. These notes will not be turned in, so don’t hold back on getting everything down.

Choose a single focused topic and create an outline

Take your brainstorming notes and select a single topic that you believe is the most interesting and unique. It might help to develop this idea further to ensure that you will have enough content to write about. Organize your ideas in an outline, choosing your three best discussion points with supporting examples and evidence.

Start writing a first draft of the hobby essay early

Soon after creating your outline you should start with the first draft. Try to write this as quickly and as efficiently as possible, constantly referring to your outline to keep your ideas on track. Don’t worry about making corrections – it’s better to build and keep your momentum.

Set your work aside before coming back for a revision

When you revise you should aim to improve your paper in every way possible – and it’s easier to be critical about your work when you’ve set your work aside for a few days and can approach your writing with a fresh set of eyes.

Edit and proofread your entire paper before submitting

Finally, be sure to completely edit and proofread your work before submitting it to your instructor. If you’ve stuck with your plan you should have ample time to do each of these steps carefully. Remember that even the best writers make mistakes, so don’t assume your first or revised draft will be free of errors.

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