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Where Can I Get a Free Descriptive Essay?

When it comes to completing an essay, students need to be familiar with what is expected before they start. For papers like the descriptive essay, students may be completely unfamiliar with the format and writing style involved. Students who want to receive a top score on their assignment should use the library, friends and online sources to find examples of a descriptive essay.

Be Wary of Plagiarism

Before looking for a free descriptive essay, students should become familiar with the concept of plagiarism. Any time students turn in writing that is not their own, they are at risk of getting caught. Teachers are familiar with the student's writing style and can generally spot a plagiarized paper. To prevent a plagiarism charge, students should write their own paper or paraphrase the one that they found. If they rewrite someone else's essay, it will not show up in a plagiarism search. To make sure that the paper does not appear to be plagiarized, students should always run it through plagiarism software before they turn it in.

Check Online

One of the easiest ways to find a descriptive essay is to look on the Internet. There are free and low-charge sites that offer examples of a variety of essays. Students who choose to go this route should be extremely careful about rewording the document. Since the student was able to find it online, there is an excellent chance that the teacher will also be able to locate it.

Other than free databases, students can find writing services that charge a small fee for completing essay assignments. These essays are generally customized to the student's specifications. Since the essay is completely original, it should not show up as plagiarized in any Internet search.

Visit the Library

The school library will often contain examples of past essays. There may be writing guides available that offer essay examples and tips on writing the essay. Although these essays are great for using as a guide, they should never be copied. Using an essay that was provided by the school makes it more probable that the student will get caught cheating.

Ask a Friend

A friend or older sibling who took the same class probably had to write the same paper. Students should ask around and see if their friends have a copy of their old essays. Using one of these essays as an example is a great way to find out what the teacher expects. The essay will most likely have edits and comments written on the page that the student can use to guide their own writing.

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