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A List of Fresh Argumentative Essay Topics for Those Who Got Stuck on a Paper

There are two pieces of good news about this essay topic. First of all there is a great deal of information online talking about argumentative essay topics. And because there are new events and new activities constantly happening in our world today, it is easy to come up with a fresh list of argumentative essay topics.

Of course the traditional topics will always be with us but if you want to challenge your students or yourself then choosing a fresh topic for argument is a good idea. Mind you the basic rules will always apply regardless of the age of the argumentative essay topic.

    Does it genuinely divide public opinion? Does it have depth so as to enable you to mount a strong argument for or against? Is there plenty of interesting and relevant research material you can access?

It doesn't matter how fresh and well-known an argumentative essay topic may be if it doesn't cause dissension within the ranks then it will fail as an interesting topic. It must divide public opinion. It must cause people to feel as if they want to debate or argue about the issue. Unless you get that divide it is difficult to argue in favour of one side or the other.

If the topic is a trivial matter it will not work as a fresh argumentative essay topic. It needs to have depth. It needs to have issues within itself which can be divided and debated. Choosing a lightweight argumentative essay topic is an almost certain path to failure.

It doesn't matter how fantastic a topic you find unless there is research material available to give you material to support your case then again you will struggle. Here is a list of some fresh argumentative essay topics.

  1. Any country which has foreign artefacts should return them.
  2. It is better to skip a meal rather than eat junk food.
  3. Plastic surgery should only be for repair of damaged bodies.
  4. Tobacco should be listed as a prohibited drug.
  5. Bullies should be publicly outed.
  6. Violence on TV should be restricted to certain hours.
  7. Same sex marriage should be legal in every country.
  8. Fasting for a day a week should be seriously considered.
  9. Goods made by children should be banned.
  10. Obesity is now an epidemic.
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