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7 Descriptive Essay Writing Suggestions for College Students

Over time, students will have to write many types of essays. One of the most popular essay assignments in college is the descriptive essay. This type of writing requires the student to describe a person, place or thing. The student may have to write about a personal experience and explain the emotions that they felt at the time. To get a top score on a descriptive essay, students should use the following tips.

  1. Identify the Audience
  2. The first goal is to figure out the audience for the paper. Students need to think of who they are writing for and the best way to engage them.

  3. Use a Recording Device
  4. Explaining a personal experience can be hard to do in writing. Instead, students can talk into a tape recorder or camera. They should act like they are explaining the topic to a friend. This will make it easier to get the story out, and the student can always transcribe it later.

  5. Create a Hook
  6. To engage the reader immediately, students should use a hook to draw their reader in. This could be an interesting anecdote, a statistic or even a question. The goal is to get the reader interested in the descriptive essay from the moment that they start reading it.

  7. Develop Creative Imagery
  8. Students need to describe their story using creative images that make their reader feel like they are actually a part of the story. This could include feelings, smells, sights or sounds that the student experienced.

  9. Get Out a Thesaurus
  10. In good writing, there will always be a varied selection of words and vocabulary. To mix things up, students should use a thesaurus to improve the types of words that they use. They should be careful, however. Although the thesaurus may list a word that has a similar meaning, it may not always be close enough to use.

  11. Think of Details
  12. For the reader to truly experience and understand the story, the student needs to use plenty of details. In addition, extra details will help the student to fill up the word or page requirement that they need to meet for their essay.

  13. Edit
  14. The last step of any type of writing is to always the document thoroughly. When it comes to college-level writing, the editing is extremely important. If there are typos or spelling errors present in the text, the professor will notice. Students that have issues with editing can always ask a knowledgeable friend, or they can ask someone at the college's writing center for help.

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