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A List of Exciting High School Persuasive Essay Topics

One of the most common papers assigned in a high school English class is the persuasive essay. To write a successful paper, students must persuade someone to see their point of view. If the teacher did not assign a particular topic for the paper, the following list of ideas can help students to find a subject for their paper.

  1. Should schools use candy in fundraising events?
  2. Should college athletes be paid for competing?
  3. Are uniforms a good thing to use in school?
  4. If the drinking age is 21, should the driving age also be raised to 21?
  5. Should students be allowed to have a cellphone before college?
  6. Should children be given more rights?
  7. Should illegal immigrants in the United States be allowed to get drivers liccenses?
  8. Should marijuana be completely legalized for medical purpposes?
  9. Should military service be a requirement of every citizen?
  10. Should state colleges be free for every American citizen?
  11. Should foreign language courses be required to graduate?
  12. Is it fair to pay students for getting good grades?
  13. Should sports teams be separated by gender?
  14. Should students be required to pass the GED before they can graduate high school?
  15. Should video games be allowed to contain violence?
  16. Should all high school students be given a laptop to use for school?
  17. Should high school be co-ed or should the genders be taught separately?
  18. Should major cities have free Wi-Fi for residents?
  19. Should universal health care exist in the United States?
  20. Should fast food be sold in school cafeterias?
  21. Should immigration laws be changed?
  22. Should there be laws that require people to recycle?
  23. How should animal abusers be punished?
  24. Should students be forced to listen in class?
  25. Should people be allowed to own pets like polar bears and lions?
  26. Should there be a tax on fast food and junk food?
  27. Should cities encourage car pooling?
  28. Should cyber bullies be expelled from schools?
  29. Should people be allowed to play their car music loudly?
  30. Should students be taught sexual education in high school?
  31. If celebrities are supposed to be examples, should they have stricter punishments for breaking the law?
  32. Should people be required to take a class before they can become parents?
  33. Should the Internet be regulated by the government?
  34. Should abortion be legal?
  35. Should high school students be required to take physical education?
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