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Among the largest oil industries in the world, an ever presence in top five, Shell or Royal Dutch Shell was formed from the merger of Shell Transport and Trading (A UK company) and Royal Dutch Petroleum . The company also finds itself on the list of top revenue making enterprises when it comes to making revenues.

The Company was created back early at the beginning of 20th century in 1907. Two competitors then came together to find what turned to be one of the biggest companies of the world. Their move was in response to the stiffening competition with another powerhouse in form of Standard Oil . Sixty percent ownership of the company then belongs to the Dutch and the remaining went to the English counterpart.

The company saw a very important phase after the early years of its inception. Just a few years after it was founded the war began and Shell happened to be a major source of oil for the British troops. A huge chunk of aviation fuel was also purchased from Shell during those years. However as the war approached its end the company suffered form German attacks and faced further lean years with the arrival of great depression. Other blows arrived when the company’s local subsidiaries in countries like Mexico were confiscated by the local governments . However, the company grew over all these tough days and found itself among top oil companies by the end of the second world war. From then onwards it has steadily enhanced its reputation and is now among some of the most trusted brand all around the globe.

Shell is primarily a vertically integrated organization . Once there was a time when around 100 decentralized subsidiaries of the company ran in more than hundred nations. The local ones now do not involve any more say as the business has become more autonomous and is now primarily ran through its headquarter located in Netherlands.

The company is now looking to more novel initiatives like alternative energy as the world enters to the 21st century. It has introduced investments in sectors of wind and solar energies and is also looking forward to hydrogen’s potential for being an energy provider. Its ambitious project in the Arctic has attracted attention over the globe with many talking about it as a bad move due to environmental considerations. Few controversies apart, that always arrive at the scene when it comes to big stages, the company has contributed a lot to the human development across the world.

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