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The Scarlet Letter

The book The Scarlet Letter is about Hester Prynne, a woman who has to pay for her sin as an adulterer by wearing a red letter “A” on her chest. Hester was not a bad person, she was just a lonely young women that had an affair with Arthur Dimmesdale and became pregnant with his child. When Hester began to show that she was with child, the town people locked her up in jail. After giving birth she is released with her child and is forced in the town square so that the town people can look down on her for her sins. While she is standing there, her husband returns to her but doesn’t tell anyone about it.

Her husband lies and tells everyone that his name is Roger Chillingworth. As Hester is standing in the square she is asked by Dimmesdale who the father of her baby is but Hester refuses to tell, which is good since he is the father. When Hester is returned to prison, her husband lies and says that he is a doctor and goes to see Hester. He forgives her for what she has done but doesn’t want anyone know who he is because of her sin. Hester’s daughter Pearl is all Hester has, she makes a living as a seamstress, mostly making fancy clothes for different ceremonies but she also makes clothes for the poor and her daughter.

The town started to make accusations about Hester as a mother and want her to be given to a foster family because they all thought she was a bad mother. So she goes to the Governor’s mansion to stop them from taken Pearl away from her. Here Pearl is asked questions and the Governor thinks that Hester is a bad mother but Dimmesdale steps in a tell the Governor that Pearl was sent to save Hester so she doesn’t lose her. Over time, Hester becomes very helpful in the colony but she still considers herself an outcast. Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale make arrangements to leave the colony but on the day they are to leave, he announces to the colony about his sin and then dies before they can leave. Hester and Pearl leave the colony and Pearl gets married to a rich man. Hester returns and wears her scarlet letter again. After she dies, she is buried beside Dimmesdale, the share one tombstone with an A on it.

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