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A List Of Unexplored Essay Topics For The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter is a masterpiece by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was written 165 years ago but still holds relevance in many layers. It is so deep and convoluted that some spaces are still left to explore.

Here is a list of 10 unexplored essay topics for the Scarlet Letter –

  1. Is the story an emphasis on a general theory of the times that beauty leads to adultery? – Even this day, there is general inclination to associate women of beauty with mystique. It is far easier to make the association in those times.
  2. Shed light on the relation between Hester and Pearl; with Hester knowing that Pearl is an illegitimate child – The relation between Hester and pearl goes through numerous strains. The essay will be a commentary on that.
  3. Is the story about frustration of revenge or victory over shame? – Chillingworth extracts revenge and then crumbles under its weight. Hester grows out of the shame of adultery. Elaborate.
  4. Is the character of Governor Bellingham an acute representation of Governments in US in those years? – The period was seeing initiation of Governance in US and Governors used to be aristocratic. The essay would cover the connection.
  5. Are the scaffold scenes a form of messianic interpretation? – The story moves between scaffold scenes and gets punctuated by it. Elaborate.
  6. Has Hawthorne done justice to Chillingworth’s character? – Chillingworth, when seen from other perspective, appears a protective anti-hero. Write on whether justice has been done to him.
  7. Evaluate the character of Pearl; is the story a watershed on the popular theory that love child generally are different – Pearl is a love child. She is quite free-minded and sticks to her beliefs even at the risk of being arrogant.
  8. Elaborate on the puritan mindset of the times and fickle mindedness of the people then – A case of Hester forgiven her sin because of her good works – The psyche of the times has a clear impact on the procession of the story. A probing essay is always invited.
  9. Explain the significance of narrator in the book. Does Hawthorne use an alter ego because he doesn’t want to be directly involved with the ‘adultery’ state of affairs? – There have been narrators in other books. However, presence of one here is almost baffling. Elaborate.
  10. Does Hester really believe in the ‘sin’ aspect as apparent from the scarlet letter? – Hester’s life is imprinted by her adultery, but her mental capacities go beyond that. Write an essay on this precept.
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