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In Search Of A Counterclaim Essay Example: 5 Helpful Suggestions From An Expert

It is in human nature to argue; so why not make it the subject of an essay. It is also human to make claims; even if it has gravity behind it or not. The essence of counterclaim is to place a diametrically opposite claim against the motion.

Energy level

The energy level increases when that claim is, for most people, irrefutable. Now you cannot argue against maxims – you cannot suggest that the Sun moves from East to West over Earth. Anything less credible and there is a chance of a counterclaim.

Counterclaim essays have limits

Counterclaim essays are however not boundless; they ought to be curbed by certain limits; some considerations. You should take care of few things while making the counterclaim.

  1. It should not glorify an offensive trait – It is better not to prove that smoking cigarettes is great for health. This will start a wrong principle. You should remain within the limits of decency and ethics.
  2. The essay counterclaim should not be absurd – The counterclaim should be logical and have gist of reason. You cannot make an absurd statement just for the sake of it.
  3. The counterclaim should have method and proving materials – You cannot build a glasshouse in vacuum. Period!
  4. The counterclaim should endeavor to defeat the very existence of claim – If the claim is that money helps build relationship; your counterclaim should be just the opposite. There lies the magic of counterclaim essay.
  5. The counterclaim should be future-oriented – The counterclaim should open new avenues; not block the doorways. It should show the path to the future.

Here are 10 counterclaim essay topics for your convenience. All these topics actually suggest a precept we do not naturally believe in –

  1. Suggest how Capitalism blocks growth rather than foster environment for it
  2. How is the rise of technology adverse to the very idea of development
  3. Family members should stay apart to increase love between them. How?
  4. How can Women’s Liberation be destructive to the very promise of liberalization?
  5. How is cutting of woods an environmentally-conscious endeavor
  6. Slow games like Golf enhance energy levels more than fast games. How?
  7. The demerits of Democracy and the plausible impact
  8. How the increasing noise levels may help in making people more calm and composed?
  9. The fear element is necessary for spread of love. Discuss.
  10. The negative aspects that journalism brings to the people
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