essay writing ideas

“ Some general writing techniques to use and apply to all essays. ”

Process Essay Ideas That Will Make Your Paper Look Better

Everyone wants to succeed at what they do. Some are able to do excel at it better than others for a variety of reasons that anyone can adopt over time because it’s really more about mastering the process than anything else.

A student who can’t find ideas for their paper is probably putting him/herself through unnecessary stress which is causing the problem. This is the wrong way to process essay ideas but a lot of students don’t understand this. Here are some ways to process ideas for a problematic paper.


Whatever the topic is, the student should work to find something that interests them within that topic. This is easy enough to do as the student knows how to get interested in something. This is willing observation from the student, which is all part of the engagement process. It’s like hiring robots to replace humans. When analysed closely, there are too many last minute cognitive decisions that need to be made for robots to be dependable.

It’s about being aware of the information, about the knowledge and the student’s understanding of it. What are their limitations? Only the student knows for sure.

Cut The Fat

This refers to making the essay leaner by removing statements or information that only weighs down the paper. This fat is created during certain processes like:

  • Taking Notes
  • Stream Of Consciousness Writing
  • The Mind Is Restless

Taking Notes

This could also be part of the process of creating an outline, where the student has so many ideas that won’t fit with the essay’s main premise. This creates ‘fat.’

Stream Of Consciousness Writing

There’s no right or wrong way to begin writing the paper as long as it gets ideas flowing. Students who start off might submit to stream of consciousness writing out of frustration to get something out on paper, creating too many ideas that don’t fit.

The Mind Is Restless

This is very true because a person is always thinking about something. Even to the point where they daydream or even dream when asleep, only to become conscious in the morning to reflect on the dream previous had. This creates a lot of stuff that doesn’t belong in a paper.

Removing these and long winded statements to just fill in empty space (if there is a word limit) will improve the look of the essay significantly.

It’s Not A Paper

If the student wants to, all they have to do is become interested in the topic, the research, the discussion they are having with themselves over the process and they will become interested in what they’re writing about. Who doesn’t like to have a discussion about their topics of interest?

So if the student gets lost in the discussion, as they would normally do when having one, they wouldn’t see their essay as a task. It would just appear like a normal thing to do.

Complete And Repeat

These are all very common processes to essay writing that are essentially repeated throughout a student’s academic life. It’s not a process that all students have mastered from the beginning. It takes repetition to do that. Which is no different from how everyone else operates with everything else in their daily lives.

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