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How To Write A Persuasive Essay Topic Sentence: Recommendations For Newbies

When writing a persuasive essay, you may have heard about the need to use a topic sentence. If you are unaware what this means or how to use such a sentence then the following should be of use to you.

What is a topic sentence?

A topic sentence will generally be used to begin a new paragraph or, at the very least, be close to the beginning of it. The sentence should include a topic that you wish to discuss, as well as a controlling idea. A controlling idea essentially gives an indication of how you will proceed with the rest of the paragraph.

Use a topic sentence to begin your essay

Due to the way in which topic sentences are used at the beginning of paragraphs, they should essentially be used to outline how you will attempt to structure and use your essay to argue any point that you wish to make.

For example, supposing your essay will with talking about gun control, you may wish to that gun control is needed as it will help to reduce the number of murders. In this example, gun control is the topic, whilst reducing the number of murders is the controlling idea.

As a result, you can see that the essay is going to revolve around the debate over whether or not there should be more gun controls, and is an indication that you will be arguing for greater levels of control, based on fact that it can help to reduce the number of deaths caused by intentional homicide.

Allow the topic sentence to direct the rest of the explanation later on in the paragraph

As mentioned, the topic sentence essentially allows you to set the direction of a paragraph. Therefore, you should be certain to include the necessary components in the topic sentence, as well as ensuring that the rest of the paragraph is related to the topic sentence and offers further explanations.

Re-read the paragraph after it is written

Finally, once you have written the paragraph containing a topic sentence, be sure to re-read it and check that it does follow any necessary guidelines listed above. Equally, you can also check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes at the same time - although this should be done also at the end of the essay writing process. In fact, whatever style of essay you are writing, including whether or not there is a topic sentence, you should always proofread and edit your work before you hand it in.

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