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A Well-Written Essay Outline Example: Academic Help For Students

A well-written essay outline is the best tool for writing a good essay. It promotes efficiency and organization of thought and words. Without a proper outline, you are writing down your thoughts in random order. There is a chance of losing your thought or time wasted in thinking up the next paragraph. You can also end up with an essay that goes in every direction, consolidating nothing. An essay calls for a systematically written work. Below is an example of an essay outline that you can use for guidance:


Paragraph No. 1: Introduction

  • Opening line: "I did not have a happy childhood. It has been ages since I last reminisced about it.”
  • Summary of main points: “I not only lost my parents at age 5, but was ostracized and abused all through my formative years. Those years strengthened my resolve to fight to survive, no matter what.”

Paragraph No. 2: First supporting point:

  • Transition sentence: “My father’s death was the first blow I received in a life that had been cheerful and exciting. Soon my mother followed suit and succumbed to cancer.”
  • Supporting point: The effects of losing both parents to death
  • Evidence: An example of a joyful occasion made miserable by the absence of the parents.

Paragraph No. 3: Second Supporting Point:

  • Transition sentence: “The months and years that followed are a blur of various foster parents and homes. I remember waking up in the middle of the night screaming.”
  • Supporting point: Psychological effects of parents’ death
  • Evidence: An anecdote of sickness that followed nightmares etc.

Paragraph No. 4: Third supporting point:

  • Transition sentence: “My grades would plummet each time I changed schools as my homes changed.”
  • Supporting point: Effects of parents’ deaths on education
  • Evidence: An example of how she was bullied at a new school campus

Paragraph No. 5: Conclusion

  • Transition sentence: “Everything that I have endured has made me the person I am today.”
  • Restating the main points: “Having lost my parents in childhood I learnt to stand up for myself very early in life. The despair I felt then has given me the sensitivity and courage of living.”
  • Call to think or act: “I wonder about measures that can be adopted to make the lives of the millions of orphans closer to normal.”
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