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How To Protect Smart Homes IOT Using SSL Encryption

The security of a home and its owners is essential in our present world. SSL encryption is the authentication and encryption of communications between servers and clients on the internet. SSL encryption is used in many fields such as to secure e-commerce transactions, transmission of pin numbers in financial institution, securing webmail for users by email providers and transmission of policy information in insurance company among many other uses. The research project will try and create a system where smart homes can be secured using SSL encryption.

The idea of using SSL encryption in protection of smart home is important, in that, all the internet connections in the house will be secured by the SSL encryption. Tampering with the broadband connection or any other internet connection in the homes by a foreign person will be hard making it safe for the inhabitants. SSL will work by ensuring the connection in the homes is private and secure by providing encryption, authentication and integrity checks.

The research project will find a way for the smart homes to be secure whereby authentication will be used determine whether the server, and optionally the tenant is who he or she say they are. The research project also intends to find a way in which a secure tunnel can be made between the two servers through a key exchange by Encryption in order to prevent any unauthorized person to the homes. Finally, integrity checks guarantee that any foreign system cannot modify the encrypted stream. This is to reduce anyone hacking the system of the smart homes.

Internet of things refers to a future where every day physical things will be connected to the internet in some way or another. However, the emergence of IoT requires that security of the internet used should be secure. This requires the existing systems to be upgraded and new ways found where encryption of IoT things is easy and efficient. In this article, the authors try to identify the challenges and vulnerability of IoT. Particularly, the focus of the two authors is in attack by of IoT through unsecured network.

The research paper methodology paradigm used is qualitative in nature. In addition, an exploratory research design was used. Desk research method was used to collect the data needed for the research. The authors used other related works to find a common knowledge which can be used for identifying the major vulnerabilities and challenges that may affect a smart home. The research paper comes up with already existing smart homes in some countries in the world presently. Internet of things in UAE is used as a benchmark for the research.

Cyber-security is the major challenge facing IoT as explained by the authors. Some of the words that the authors use in finding about the vulnerabilities include eavesdropping challenges, node capture challenges and denial of service attack. The research given by the authors is important to be addressed in that it may allow activists and black mailers to hijack unsecured network devices. In addition, it is descriptive and gives good information regarding IoT vulnerabilities. However, the research does not analyze data critically.

This research paper will motivate us to come up with a better research project regarding IoT vulnerabilities. It will help us highlight the major concerns and challenges that face and may face IoT homes. More specifically, page 8 paragragh 2 gives a good picture on what should be done. In this research paper, the authors set out to discuss the use of SSL/TLS security for various programs. It has also discussed vulnerability of SSL by MITM attacks. The authors suggest that SSL/TLS security is a secure and efficient way for security systems.

The research paper has used exploratory design to come up with the data that it presents. In addition, they use related works of other authors to arrive at one conclusion. Most of the data provided are factual. The paper relies on some assumptions for example, attack on SSL by an attacker.

The paper is important to the field of SSL/TLS security. It analyses SSL/TLS server authentication, client authentication and security analysis. It comes up with a proposed soft token based solution which can be able to mitigate MITM risks to make SSL/TSL security efficient. In addition, it discusses how SSL/TLS can be used for client’s graphical user interface and password protection.

The usefulness of the paper is shown by the approach of the authors in trying to come up with solution to secure SSL/TSL enabled web application. The major threat is MITM which the paper has discussed deeply.

The article is useful in understanding SSL/TLS web application. It has added knowledge on this field and how it can be used to provide a secure SSL encryption. To this research, it provided an idea on how SSL/TLS can be used to secure passwords and graphic user interface and how attacks can be minimized. This research paper gives useful insight into SSL/TLS protection of the internet.

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