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How to come up with debatable argumentative research essay topics

Argument research essays are usually assigned at the end of year for a detailed debate on an issue. A research essay done in the argument style requires lengthy and deliberate research into previously published works and other sources of information. You are expected to have a position on an issue that you can support with extensive and credible evidence. Your advanced skills in research, data collection, analysis, argument generation, and essay writing are all called into play. Sometimes even empirical data is to be collected. You will do surveys, ask questions, and process the data thus gathered into comprehendible statistics.

Coming up with a topic that you can debate and argue about is made more complex with the fact that you will be spending a lot of time with this issue. Collecting information, reading past works and unearthing information is an important part. Therefore, the first rule for your argumentative research essay topic is that you MUST find it interesting. Actually, you must find it so interesting as to fight for it.

The second important criterion is that your topic should be debatable. You really cannot write an argumentative essay about the sun’s place in the solar system! No one is arguing (anymore) whether the sun revolves around the earth or vice versa.

You can find inspiration for your topic in the debates you have with your friends. Think about what it is that makes you talk passionately. Issues that matter to you the most are the issues you should consider for your argument essay. Do you debate animal rights a lot? Are you worried about the future of the planet? Is anti-war sentiment the mainstay of your heated debates with friends and family? Find YOUR issue, and then go for it!

Other good places to look are newspapers and magazines. Newspapers have debates about current events and issues, and magazines provide detailed discussions on ongoing and current discourse. You can subscribe to a few dailies on your Smartphone and see if something grabs your attention.

Sometimes our very environment is the place that contains the impetus for a full-blown argumentative essay! The irony is that our immediate surroundings are commonly overlooked due to familiarity. A sick relative who is facing problems because of the healthcare system, a pet that got sick because of a pesticide, a neighbor who lost their job due to downsizing, a homeless person who died under a bridge because of hunger and cold. The issues are endless. They are waiting for you to be exposed and argued about.

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