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How Has Diabetes Changed Our Society Past Present And Future

In past and recent years, most of the diabetes cases occurred in Mexican-American, Asian-American, Native-American and African-American children and young adults. As observed in children and young adults, the main reason of occurrence of diabetes is the combination of relative b-cell failure and insulin resistance. The most risk significant risk factor arising from insulin resistance and b-cell failure is obesity while other risks include sedentary life cycle and puberty. In order to prevent youth and children from diabetes, many efforts have been done. An opportunity is achieved to prevent the youth from diabetes by addressing the epidemic of childhood obesity. In addition to weight, another important level to be considered is activity level. With the advancements of computer games and sharp rise in watching TV, children are becoming inactive. As a result of this increasing sedentary lifecycle, the chance of diabetes epidemic is also increasing.

However, as human beings are moving into the new millennium, it is progressively becoming clear that biometrical sciences ate entering into the advanced development phase of their growth. During last 30 years, rapid changes have been observed by diabetes management in insulin administration, glucose measurement and types of insulin. In 1920, with the discovery of insulin, nationally applicable recommendations have been presented by American Diabetic Association, American Diabetes Association and U.S Public Health Services to gradually increase in percentage of carbohydrate from calories. These changes have improved lives of people suffering from diabetes. People are now considering themselves to be more secure from this devastating disease. In addition to efforts done by diabetes management and biometrical sciences, human beings and communities are also playing an important role in prevention of diabetes. Schools are now focusing on the increase of children physical activity while improving their nutrition level. Different non-profit organizations and communities are providing their best level efforts to put an end of devastating disease in human beings.

According to survey results done by American Diabetes Association, the number of people with undiagnosed and diagnosed diabetes will decrease from 40 million to 20 million. The major reason in decline of this percentage can be awarded to the done efforts. However, the results reported that related expected costs will be doubled within next 25 years and this significant increase in expected costs growth and reducing diabetes percentage will add a significant strain to an overburdened health care system.

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