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What Is The Best Way To Write An Essay About My First Day At College?

The first day at college is an important milestone in the life of each freshman. The reminiscences of that day can make a good topic for a narrative essay. Firstly, you should read about this type of writing to get a clear idea of the structure and the way of presenting your thoughts. Here some general tips that will help you write a good narrative.

  • Follow the rules of storytelling.
  • Writing about your first day at college you share your personal experiences with the audience. You’re creating a story, so make sure it has the characters, plot, setting, climax, and ending. You shouldn’t exaggerate and embellish the events because you describe an event from your real life.

  • Show, don’t tell.
  • You should involve your reader into the atmosphere of that day. For this, describe the events in such a way that you readers feel as if they were there too.

  • Write in detail.
  • Be very attentive to every detail of that day if you want your essay to be engaging. Describe in the slightest details everything that you saw, heard, felt, and smelled on your way to the college and at the moment when you crossed its threshold. Choose only those details that are important for the story.

  • Be consistent.
  • Unlike other types of writing, narratives use the first person because you tell your own story. Don’t change the person in the middle of your paper. You should keep to the chosen perspective. The same applies to the choice of tense. As you write about the day from your past you should use past tense throughout the whole essay.

  • Write with a purpose.
  • Your task lies in not only telling your story but also in demonstrating how a particular event, person, or thing influenced you on that day. Decide on the main point you’ll make and write it in your thesis statement.

  • Unfold your story sequentially.
  • You should write clearly, presenting the events of that day in chronological order. The reader is interested in how your emotional state evolved all through the day. You aim should be to put them into your shoes and evoke in them the same feelings you experienced.

  • Leave the story’s moral for the conclusion.
  • The final paragraph should clearly state and explain the importance of your experience, the lesson it taught you. You may write that was the first day of your new student life, the day when you met your dream professor or your best college friend.

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