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Help Me Write a Great Informative Synthesis Essay: Vital Advice

A synthesis essay is a type of academic writing in which you will analyze and discuss at least two sources about a topic. It demonstrates your critical thinking skills by requiring you to take an in-depth look at multiple sources, comparing and contrasting them while offering your own ideas and conclusions about them. There are a couple different types of synthesis essays that you might be required to write:

  • Argument synthesis. This type of synthesis essay hinges on your own point of view. You’ll need to come up with a strong thesis that makes a clear statement about your topic. Your thesis should be supported by your analysis of the sources that you’re using.
  • Literature review. This type of paper can appear on its own, as is common in peer-reviewed academic journals, or it can be a smaller part of a dissertation or research paper. These papers discuss the current literature that exists about your topic, providing a critical analysis that addresses any shortcomings or methodological problems with previous research.
  • Explanatory synthesis. Unlike an argument synthesis, an explanatory synthesis isn’t necessarily arguing for any one particular hypothesis or point of view. Instead, it summarizes the current academic literature for the reader. Although it has a thesis statement, the thesis is based more in what other researchers have found than in your own individual opinions.
Writing Your Synthesis Essay

Here are a few useful tips and guidelines for how to start planning and writing your synthesis essay:

  • Choose an appropriate topic. Although your topic needs to be relevant to the course you’re taking, you usually have plenty of leeway to find something that you’re interested in writing about. In some cases, however, your topic might be assigned to you, or you might have to choose something from a list. Your topic should be narrow enough to write about in a couple thousand words, but not so specific and niche that you can’t find enough information that you can use.
  • Find and read your sources. You’ll need to find two or more sources that you can write about, which is easy with some basic online research and a trip to your school or local library. You’ll want to read your sources carefully, taking notes if possible.
  • Come up with a good thesis statement. As you probably know, the “thesis statement” is the main idea of your paper. It should communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Choose items like facts and statistics from your sources to discuss in your paper.
  • Create an outline for your paper. This provides a skeleton for your organization of your ideas, ensuring that your paper has a logical flow.
  • Write your paper. Most essays will go through multiple drafts before you have something that you will want to turn in. Be sure to edit and proofread carefully, so that you don’t leave any typos.
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