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“ Some general writing techniques to use and apply to all essays. ”

How To Write Essays About Yourself: Tips & Examples

A self presentation in these days is quite important either writing it down for a Letter or saying it out loud for a job interview a person must know how to present himself therefore there are some tips and rules to follow, so the presentation will be crystal clear and understood by everyone even a non native speaker. A self presentation essay is a biography that gives an impression on the writer or speaker himself the real him. For a job or a website a self presentation is the most important thing.

And here are some steps to follow :

  • First : writing in a simple grammar simple English so everybody will understand it and be aware what the writer is talking about .
  • Second : writing in the present because the writer is stating facts and the simple past for previous jobs that he held or events that occurred in his lifetime .
  • Third : never overload the paragraphs keeping them clean and light is important so the reader will not get bored from the writers path especially if it is quite long and filled with the writer life experiences.
  • Four : The writer should always write about his childhood and that gives the reader the impression that he is sharing with him one of his best moment in his life in consequence he will feel closer and would love to read the rest of the writer work and be quite impressed with the rest of the path. The last one keep the paragraphs quite short don’t over load them just give the general idea don’t write about every single detail but still try to keep it feels homier.
  • Five: always write in the third person make it feel like someone else in writing it because that will make it go to an extra

Still some wonder if it is still possible for a normal person who didn’t go to any kind of a school to write a bio for hi self, well yes, the most important thing to make the bio become perfect is to make the blueprint, the ideas that the writer will be putting there must be clear and not unsure the use of a piece of paper to make the work be written smoothly is not something extra ordinary or not normal, a person’s mind is filled with a lot of things, organizing them is the first thing ever to do before the steps stated above. Because that is the tip that must always use organization is the most important thing.

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