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Where To Find Free Essays On Business Ethics: 4 Places To Check

Using pre-written essays as inspiration for your own work is a valid and an excellent way of making sure that you are capturing the right style and format of the subject in your writing. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly where to find essays on business ethics so that you can check your own against it, and it is especially tough to find free samples. Listed below are the 4 best places to check.

  1. University pages
  2. Although sometimes a little frustrating and confusing, your university’s (or school’s) home page should be your first port of call. Often, your institution will have its own ideas about how an essay should be written and how it should look, which is why it is best to check there first for free examples. Remember to check the business department, too, to get specific samples relevant to your subject.

  3. Google Scholar
  4. The second option, of course, is to try a generic search on Google scholar. This part of Google offers plenty of free examples of academic papers, and, as long as you include the right specific search terms - i.e. ‘business ethics’ and ‘free’ - you should find plenty of examples to take inspiration from.

  5. Google
  6. Although not as specific as Google scholar, sometimes Google has alternative results that do not show up on Google Scholar. It is worth, therefore, checking both of these parts of the search engines, and repeating the same or similar search twice to check both parts. Remember with Google to include the keyword ‘free’ and perhaps also add in ‘pdf,' which often filters out the free content from the essays you are expected to pay for.

  7. Forums
  8. There are so many forums on the internet that there are probably thousands dedicated just to business - and probably hundreds dedicated to just business ethics! By going on these forums, you can talk to other students of the same subject, many of whom will be at the same or a similar level to you, and see if they have any sample essays - either that they have purchased, found or even written - that they would be willing to share with you. Students are often very willing to help each other out since they are all in the same boat. It doesn’t to ask, anyway, and you could find an excellent essay to use that someone else had to pay for!

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