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Getting Free Essay Templates: A Guide for Students

Many students will tell you that some of the most useful tools you will ever use in high school or college are essay templates. There aren’t many students who are skilled in writing within all the different types of essays, so templates really come in handy when one must write a term paper but only has experience writing a persuasive paper. Here are few places to search for a free sample:

Simple Web Search Using Keywords

Search engine algorithms are become more intricate each year, and the results one gets conducting a simple keyword search are becoming more accurate. Simply type in “essay templates” and you’ll get a long list of sites offering basic downloadable templates for free use. Be sure to download a few from different sites so that you can compare them, the closer they are to one another the more confident you can be that you are getting a reliable sample.

Academic Writing Websites

Academic writing sites are filled with valuable resources available at no cost to students from all levels. In addition, to tips, resource sheets, and style guides, you’ll find dozens of sample papers, outlines and templates fitting all sorts of writing assignments. To ensure that you are getting quality work, check that the website is run by a reputable academic organization and that it is updated frequently.

Academic Writing Guides

Another great place to look for a great essay template is in one of the many academic writing guides out there. Unfortunately, if you pick up a hard copy of one of these guides you won’t be able to plug in your written content, but at least you’ll have an accurate sample of what your paper’s formatting requirements are. In fact, it actually should be more beneficial to you in the long run since you are forced to key in and do your own formatting.

Instructor/Tutor Handouts

If a specific assignment is new to you then you might have the chance to get sample templates from either your instructor or writing tutor. You’ll get to keep the sample for future reference and are expected to have all of your formatting questions answered from it. They are pretty standard and should work across several assignments.

Writing Forum or Chatroom

Writing forums and chatrooms are great places to go and network with other students and writers, as well as get assistance, get sample papers, and more. These places thrive on communication so be sure to remain active and offer up assistance of your own when you know you can lend a helping hand.

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