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How Social Media Sites Affect Family Communication?

Social media has brought revolutionary changes in human life. Business, culture, politics, economics, social sciences, advertisements, education and communication are some of the areas in which the contributions of social media cannot be neglected.

In a rapidly moving world, instant and effective communication is extremely important. Social media helps people in this regard. One of the major advantages of communication through social media is the ability to speak out fearlessly. No other channels of communication provide such a facility to ordinary people. Another major advantage of using social media for communication is the ability to communicate instantly with people staying at distant places. The ability of social media in instant communication is a blessing for family communication. This paper briefly analyses the role of social media in enhancing family communication.

The role of social media in enhancing family communication

Unlike families in the past, many of the members of a modern family are working professionals. There are many families in which the father, mother and the children stay, work or study at different places. It is difficult for such families to communicate instantly or effectively without seeking the services of social media. It should be noted that regular communication is necessary to strengthen the love, intimacy and rapport among family members. Social media like Facebook, Skype and Twitter help families to engage in instant audio and video chats so that the intimacy and love among the family members can be strengthened.

There are many occasions in which the family members need to share some photos and videos. For example, wedding is an important event in the life of a person. If he wants to share his wedding photos or videos with some of his beloved ones, he can use social media for that purpose.

At the same time, communication through social media may bring some family problems also. Suppose a mother tries to convey good wishes to her son on his birth day with the help of a Facebook post. It is not necessary that the son takes such a gesture positively. He may like to hear directly from his mother. It should not be forgotten that mother-son relationship is not a formal relationship, but a blood relationship. Therefore, the son may not consider the Facebook wishes from his mother seriously.


The contributions of social media in enhancing family communication cannot be neglected. However, over reliance on social media for family communication may bring negative effects at least on some occasions.

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