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American History Between 1492 And 1877

After Columbus landed in the Caribbean in 1492, many European nations competed against each other to settle in North America. Native Americans and African slaves were brought into the fray. What is now known as the United States was once a land in the mix of a geographical struggle that lasted not quite three centuries. In the New World, France, Spain, and England not only had diverse settlements, but they were ally vying for primacy.

Between 1763 to 1789 the American Republic was created. Through seven long years in war, Britain began seeing new ways to increase revenues. They began taxing the colonists. Even though Parliament had levied taxes before, it wasn’t designed to fund what was becoming the national debit. Early on, colonists had evaded their taxes. For years, Parliament went from one leader to the next. In July of 1776, America fought for their independence and democracy began to take shape.

From 1789 to 1836, the Federalists was formed. This was the first political party. It was led by John Adams and Alexander Hamilton. They wanted to establish a governmental authority to allow the United States to become aligned into a national economy with a centralized banking system. The Republicans were formed and led by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. They worked for a more traditional government with local representatives. While the Republicans believed that the government could become too powerful, the Federalists believed that if a national economy and a federal government were not stabilized that would leave the country open for foreign invasions.

From 1836 to 1860 the focus was not only the American destiny, but slavery and liberty. In the wake of the seven year war, the British Empire had been broken apart became it became too large to manage. The United States also seem to fall apart at the seams when Texas wanted to annex in 1845. Southern slave owners began to migrate west. The nation was held in a delicate balance for several years due to the Compromise of 1850.

From 1860 to 1877 tenuous compromises regarding slavery had been put to the test. As more states left the Union and became known as the secessionist, the Confederate States of America was born. The Civil war began in 1861. It not only set brothers to fight brothers, the fate of four million slaves was caught up in the outcome. There came a point when President Lincoln didn’t just want the Union restored, he also wanted the slaves to be free. He nearly accomplished both of these goals prior to his assassination in the year 1865.

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