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E-learning is basically the application of electronic technology in education, teaching and learning. This concept has brought up many benefits through its features. Despite its excellence and success, it has not be found to replace the effort put in by human instructors and other conventional ways of learning. Human instructors have still remained relevant even with the introduction and advent of e-learning. The most important things to note are the benefits that come with e-learning and when such gains outweigh the challenges faced by the learning modality. This essay explores e-learning and lists its usefulness and challenges that may be associated with it.

Unlike other conventional ways of learning, e-learning has a promise of providing one great experience that takes into account three different formats of auditory learners, kinesthetic learners and visual learners. E-learning has also created unique opportunities such as more successful training of a universally dispersed congregation and reduced costs incurred in publishing and resource distribution. This is due to the fact that the standard used is based on the website. E-learning also provides personalized instruction which cannot be made possible through print media sources that come with instructor-led courses that are usually come with great costs. It has been very useful in dealing with certain specific needs for learners and can effectively locate and mark personal learning preferences.

Moreover, this synchronous learning type is self-placed. For the advanced learners, they can be permitted to speed through or may be bypass learning instruction that seems redundant as the novices get slowed down through the available content. This gets rid of frustrations for all. Generally, e-learning is important for quite a large number of learners where they can get a huge variety of learning preferences and styles. However, e-learning has been criticized for not giving room for human interaction that is an important ingredient towards learning. However, this can be reduced through messaging platforms, use of tele-conferencing, chats and emails among others. All the same, the level of interaction still remains lower than that of a conventional classroom.

E-learning has taken a center stage in our world today. With the busy modern lives, it is becoming almost unavoidable. More than being a solution to modern life trends where learning time is limited, e-learning has led to a reduced overall learning cost in terms of room rentals, salaries for instructors, travels and meals among other requirements. The benefits of learning are evident. However, the teaching that goes on in a conventional must have played a significant role for e-learning to work as the latter is usually built upon it.

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