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Diabetes in America

Diabetes is one of the most serious health issues that currently exist in America. This condition has become so widespread that it must be treated as an epidemic in order to draw the public’s attention to the dangers of it. Almost 30 million Americans currently suffer from diabetes, and the number of those who are at risk of developing this condition soon is much higher. The problem must be addressed and stopped before it consumes the whole nation.

Approximately, one out of eleven Americans has some form of diabetes. To make things even worse, one out of four of them do not even know that they are affected by this condition. This means that these people do not receive proper treatment and have to struggle with a low quality of life due to being constantly sick. Diabetes is a silent enemy that can strike anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or social status. As any disease, it makes all people equal in the face of its cruelty. This fact only makes the condition more dangerous, as it means that no one is safe. Therefore, it is essential that the public’s attention must be drawn to this issue. Comprehensive health checks alone will help diagnose the condition in cases where it used to be overlooked, and will literally save quite a few lives.

Over 85 million of people in the U.S. have pre-diabetes conditions. This means that if their lifestyles do not change, they will most likely develop the disease within a few years. The overwhelming majority of these people are not aware of the risks they are currently facing. If the public awareness of this issue is not increased, they may never get the necessary warnings. More than eighty million people can be saved from the pain and suffering that come with diabetes if some more active monitoring and prevention measures are put in place.

Some might claim that diabetes is not such a dangerous condition as AIDS or Ebola are. Therefore, it does not merit being acknowledged as a nationwide epidemic. This is hardly true, as despite the fact that diabetes is rarely the direct cause for death, it increases the risks of premature death by 50% among adults. Considering the sheer number of sick people who exist, it is safe to say that more people have inadvertently died of diabetes than of the dangerous infectious diseases.

The treatment of diabetic patients has a severe impact on the country’s economy. The funds used for this may be more efficiently used to actually reduce the amount of diabetes cases through efficient prevention measures if this problem receives the recognition it deserves.

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