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5 Ingredients of a Successful Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are a genre of writing that asks students to investigate a topic that has at least two sides or positions that can be taken. Students need to generate, collect and evaluate evidence on one of these positions and present it in a well-constructed paper. Here are five ingredients of a successful argumentative essay for you to know:

Plan Accordingly

For this type of paper to be successful, it needs to contain certain elements to persuade your reader to see your side of a topic. For this reason you need to take a few minutes planning out before jumping in to the project. Consider how long you will need to write a draft and a revision then set deadlines for yourself throughout the week. Don’t forget to plan for unexpected distractions and breaks.

Find a Good Topic

You may be given an essay prompt by your instructor, but in most cases you will have the freedom to choose a topic. Consider several issues that will have at least two points of view. Choose one that really sparks your interest as well as one that you can reasonably defend with enough evidence. As you think about each topic make notes about what points you could bring up in support of your argument.

Consider Both Sides

Once you’ve settled on a topic you feel strong and confident about, make a list of both sides of the argument. Generally, one of the objectives you will need to achieve with this kind of assignment is presenting both sides and showing why the side you choose is the correct one. Don’t disregard what the other side can bring up to put down your point of view. These are essential in making your point of view stronger.

Gather Evidence

When you think about writing an argumentative essay you may have a mental image of two people going back and forth in a public discussion. This is actually really helpful. In your assignment you will have to provide evidence without the drama of an open discussion. You should gather plenty of evidence but use only the strongest points or the ones that directly debunk the opposition’s best arguments.

Assert Your Position

In most academic writing you need to assert a clear position early on in your introduction. Include a brief explanation of your topic, why it’s important that you are writing on this topic, what the controversy is about each side, and what side you are taking. This can be a little confusing, so be sure to use simple and clear English so that your reader won’t get lost before you even get into the core of your paper.

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