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A List Of Exciting Compare Or Contrast Essay Topics To Consider

Writing an essay is exciting after all—especially when you have such great topics to choose from:

  • Nineties classic versus a modern day classic: Which is better
  • Choose any category you like, whether it be movies, books, or television shows. Compare one from today and one from the nineties and do an analysis on which one is better according to all your points.

  • Playstation and Xbox
  • Look at the differences between the Playstation and Xbox consoles and mention which features trump others. Don’t forget to mention possible paraphernalia that comes with each one and use price as one of your determining factors as to which one is better.

  • Digital watches and analogue watches: Pros and cons
  • Some people swear by their digital watches while others prefer the classics. Look at some of the pros and cons to having either type of watch.

  • Google or Bing?
  • Two fierce competitors in the world of search; these companies always seem to be neck and neck in the race to establish themselves as the best browser in the world.

  • Apple Mac versus Windows PC
  • The old debates never grow old. In light of their newest products, which one trumps the other? Compare specific features that cater for what you need in a computer and let your reader draw his or her own conclusion.

  • Doctor versus Homeopath
  • What are the differences between natural remedies and pharmaceutical medicines? Doctors themselves have opposing views on this subject so just do comparison on certain aspects for the sake of showing the reader.

  • Which is better: Porsche or Ferrari?
  • Most men (and even some women) dream about having either one of these. Let’s take a look at their similarities and differences.

  • DC and Marvel
  • Each of these two comic book empires has their own characters, stories, and plot points. Compare them with each other to find out which is the better or the two.

  • Islam and Christianity
  • Are their some similarities to Christianity and Islam? Or are these similarities overshadowed by their differences? Discuss this topic as a compare and contrast essay.

  • Star Wars or Star Trek?
  • These two shows are seemingly worlds apart, but are some (if any) of their similarities? Take a closer look at two of the greatest classics of our time and make some less obvious observations to score points with your reader.

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