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Useful Phrases For Writing A Proper 3rd Grade Opinion Essay

Opinion essays teach children when they are young that they must provide supporting facts when they write out their opinion, especially in writing. For this reason, there are many useful phrases that can be used for writing a proper 3rd grade opinion essay. These words can introduce or conclude your point, show supporting opinions, introduce details, show cause and effect relationships, compare and contrast ideas, and counter the opposite opinion.

Words to Introduce Your Topic

Introductory phrases will make it very clear that you are introducing your opinion. They can also be used to signal to the reader that you are stating your thesis.

  • It is my belief that
  • I (dis)agree with
  • In my opinion
  • From my point of view

Words to Conclude Your Essay

The conclusion is the last place that you get to make your point clear to readers. Using these phrases signals that you are making your final point.

  • Without a doubt
  • For the reasons above
  • In any case
  • Unquestionably

Phrases to Show Supporting Opinions

Showing clear supporting opinions is critical to proving your overall point. These words can go a long way to show your reader your thought processes.

  • Furthermore
  • Equally important
  • Similarly
  • In addition

Introducing Details

Details are critical to writing success. These phrases clearly introduce supporting information for your ideas.

  • As evidence
  • In support of this
  • In fact
  • For example
  • For instance

Showing Cause and Effect Relationships

Another way to back up your point is by showing cause and effect relationships using these words.

  • For this reason
  • If…then
  • As might be expected
  • Accordingly

Phrases to Compare and Contrast

Another key component of an opinion paper is comparing and contrasting. These words will signal comparisons to readers.

  • Rather than
  • As well as
  • In the same way
  • On the contrary
  • Countering the Opposite Opinion

Finally, some opinion papers require that you take note of the other side, to possibly disprove some of their theories. Here are words that show you are countering the opposite opinion.

  • I understand you believe
  • Some people support
  • While your idea holds merit
  • However
  • I question

This list barely scratches the surface of the many useful phrases for writing a proper 3rd grade opinion essay. However, by including these words (and others) from the above categories, you can make your opinion clear and signal to readers when you are supporting your opinion with facts, comparison, and more.

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