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Where to Find a Good Ad Analysis Essay Example: Directions for Students

An ad analysis essay is my favorite kind of essay. The freedom of expression and room for creativity is overwhelming. Ad analysis essays are further divided into two categories:

  1. Pictorial Ad Essays
  2. Video Ad Essays

Now, Video and analysis are easier than the pictorial ones because you get to analyze a series of images and there are supporting elements like sound, background, settings etc.

Picture Ad Analysis:

Mostly such ads will consist of a single image or perhaps a sequence of still visuals. Your analysis will be limited by the content on the paper. You all have room for creativity however; you will have to make sure nothing looks out of context. You cannot assume things or themes. You have to talk about what is in front of you.

Video Ad Analysis:

Video ad analysis is fun to do. In addition to the visuals you have supporting material like sound, the written content, the pictures, colors etc. you can give roles to the figures in the ad, you can play with these roles. You can comment on the general settings, the language, the music, the ambiance and even create a background story. Video ads are more effective in penetrating consumer minds and striking chords with their needs and desires.

Ad analysis Essays:

Ad analysis essays follow a similar format as the one used for all the general essays. You start with creating an outline, which consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. You pick a catchy topic, develop a convincing thesis statement and after an elaborate description of all the elements of the advertisement you do a critical analysis. You formulate a conclusion by linking your analysis with the ad at hand and suggest possible recommendations.

Where to find Ad Analysis Examples:

You can easily find ad analysis examples over the internet. These samples can prove to be quite beneficial for your understanding. Try to look at some of the popular ads and try to grasp the core concept of the analysis scheme.

You can also consult various Advertising course books for examples or sample analysis. You can also consult your instructor to give you a real life and analysis demonstration. Once you have gone through these examples, try to do some practice analysis and ask your instructor to supervise you. Advertisement Analysis Essays are Marketing 101, which everyone needs to know.

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