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Gender Pay Gap

The discrimination issues on gender particularly on the remuneration and salaries earned by individuals in the society have continued to be a painful thorn in the flesh in most economies. As a matter of fact, women are seen as lesser beings in most nations and thus are largely discriminated against especially when determining their rewards. The opinion of the majority in the society on this issue has caused a great challenge to the governmental efforts to eliminate it. However, the reason behind discriminations against women and yet they can perform equally well in their specialization areas has remained a piercing question in many countries.

Women Discrimination

Men’s position on this issue ought not to be like a standoffish while their wives, mothers, sisters or even daughters are facing discrimination due to their gender. Actually, how would one expect women efforts to be rewarded? What rationale is used to determine women rewards? The answer is therefore obvious. The pay gap is basically based on gender issues.

According to research study conducted in 2012, it outlined that the women fulltime earning for the year 2010 was just seventy-seven percent of what men earned over the same period. The question remained, why this disparity? However, this pay gap can be credited to the discrepancies which were found to exist between men and women number of working hours. Men were reported to have worked for longer hours compared to women. Nevertheless, the hourly rate of income between men and women differed a lot.

Causes of Gender Pay Gap

The occupational choices are as well other factors which can be attributed to gender pay gap. In fact, for the last decades, men have engages themselves in careers which attract higher salaries compared to careers which their female counterparts engage in. For instance, in early days, career occupations like medicine, architecture, and engineering among other technical jobs were dominated by men. Nevertheless, through affirmative action and other women empowerment programs, this gender stereotype mind set has been challenged over the recent years.

However, despite women coming out very strong to challenge their male counterparts in these lucrative careers, there has not been any significant change in this situation. For instance, male physicians and engineers are reported to earn higher incomes compared to their female counterparts, a fact that has affirmed gender discrimination in pay. Until significant change is made on the attitude towards women, women will remain lagging behind in their income levels compared to their male counterparts leading to serious gender pay gap.

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