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Animal Psychology: Worthy Profession Or Likely Scam?

Centuries ago the human race played a large part in the evolution of the canine species. From the wild wolves we slowly created dogs. This took a very long time and may have been in part spurred on by packs rejecting some of their more passive members and them seeking refuge and food from the camps of nearby humans. Other animals have been successfully altered through targeted breeding exercises to emphasize certain traits over others. Cattle is bred to have more meat, many cats have been bred to have features that are considered more attractive like a particular color of fur or exceptional markings. People have been close to the animals they use most frequently for centuries. But does this mean animal psychology should be considered a true profession?

Yes, it does

There are signs of behavior in individuals from before they can speak. Babies who have not yet acquired language can give clues as to what they need by how they cry, the way they move their bodies and even their facial expressions. The expressions on an infants face are often extremely easy to understand because they are magnified. Sadness is extremely sad, happiness is extremely happy and anger or fear follow suit. With animals, their expressions and body language tell a story as well, it may be just a little harder to interpret. For people who have devoted their lives to studying these subtle signs, they are plainly visible and can easily be read and interpreted. Some of them may not have even studied this in a formal setting but just know from hundreds of hours of careful observation and rel life experimentation what each sign means. They are professionals.

No it does not

It is very common in modern society for people to anthropomorphize their pets. This means they apply human traits to them rather than attributing their behaviors to their animal instincts. They may say that their puppy loves to look beautiful in the vest they put on him or that their cat will only drink bottled water when both animals would be content naked and drinking from toilet. This makes owners easy targets for scammers who only want to extort money through several expensive sessions. There may be professionals with talent but many are frauds and should not be trusted.

There are few professions that are completely trustworthy but one like this in which checking for a second opinion is so hard is more likely to be rife with fraud.

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