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How to Find Reliable Custom Writing Companies: 5 Helpful Tips

With hundreds of custom writing companies out there, it’s hard to tell if the one you hire will be reliable in providing you with top-notch work. You’re risking several things: purchasing poorly written content, paying for plagiarized work, and not receiving your purchased piece before your deadline. You can see why need to be extremely careful when you go this route. So, here are five must-follow tips to find a reliable custom writing company and not being taken for your money:

Tip #1: Stick with Companies from First Page Results

In case you weren’t aware, most online search engines use algorithms to sort through hundreds of listings they present to you on search results pages. It’s generally, known that results that appear on the first page (higher ranking results) are most likely to be reputable. When searching for a writing company, try sticking with just those that rank the highest.

Tip #2: Check Independent Customer Reviews

Taking your list of the highest ranked services, visit a few independent customer review sites and read through comments made about a companies from your list. Independent reviews are a lot more reliable than the comments you will find on a service’s website, because customers aren’t trying to make a buck by building a false sense of respectability. Be sure to read several comments on a single business name, since this will give you a wider picture.

Tip #3: Ask the Online Community for their Two Cents

Online forums and chatrooms are quickly becoming the go-to spots for getting answers and opinions to just about any type of question. These places are ideal for finding out whether you’re going to be dealing with a reliable custom writing company. Ask about others’ experience and whether or not customers have been satisfied with their purchased written work. Allow comments to flow and don’t be swayed by just one or two members, allow the vastness of the online community provide you with the info you need.

Tip #4: Ask Customer Service about a Company’s Writers

Most companies claim to hire only professional writers with upper-level degrees. But unless you do your due diligence and ask about writers’ credentials, you can’t ever be too sure. Customer service should be able to provide you with a detailed explanation of its hiring process as well as give you a snapshot of the writer you will be working with.

Tip #5: Ask About a Company’s Money Back Guarantee

You should know what you can expect to receive in terms of a refund if you don’t receive exactly what you expect. Most sites will have their policies and guarantees posted somewhere deep. If you can’t find them then be sure to ask customer service directly. If a refund policy appears confusing, then you should probably move on to someone else.

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