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10 Suggestions For Writing A Synthesis Essay On The Kite Runner

Despite being a relatively modern piece of literature, the Kite Runner has been introduced into the curriculum of many schools in the United States and around the world. As a result, many students will have to write some form of academic paper based on the book, such as a synthesis essay.

In order to help you when writing this form of academic paper, the following outlines 10 different suggestions that you may wish to follow.

  1. Reading a range of other academic papers for inspiration
  2. One of the most important things when creating this form of academic paper is to choose a relevant topic to discuss. You may wish to read academic papers which focus on the Kite Runner, even if they are not a synthesis paper. Alternatively, you may wish to read a range of synthesis papers, in order to get a better understanding of how to do the work.

  3. Brainstorming for ideas and topics to write about
  4. Ultimately, you will need to look at various connections between topics within the Kite Runner as a book, or between the Kite Runner and other forms of literature. Your work will then need to take the form of an argument synthesis, a review, or an explanatory synthesis. Using brainstorming techniques can help you to choose what style you wish to use, as well as which topics will be suitable.

  5. Creating the hypothesis
  6. Once you know which topic you will be writing about, you will need to create a hypothesis to base your work on.

  7. Planning your work
  8. It is crucial that you plan any academic paper that you write, including details of what sections to include, as well as any timeframe, which you will need to stick to.

  9. Reading the Kite Runner and other relevant material
  10. As with other academic papers, you will need to do the relevant research, which will include reading the Kite Runner, and any other relevant material.

  11. Using your plan to create a first draft
  12. Once you have done the research, you will be able to use your plan to create a first draft. Just remember this doesn’t have to be perfect, as you can make changes later.

  13. Writing second, third and other drafts
  14. As mentioned, you will be able to make changes to your first draft, which you will do in the second, third and any subsequent drafts.

  15. Checking the work is formatted correctly
  16. Once you have written the final draft, in the event that you have been asked to use a specific set of formatting instructions, you should check the work to ensure that it has been formatted correctly.

  17. Checking the spelling
  18. You should also check to ensure that the spelling is of a high standard, and that there are no mistakes.

  19. Checking the grammar
  20. As well as checking the spelling, you should check that the work is grammatically correct. To help you proofread and edit work, you might even consider paying a professional.

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